Insensitive development

Many of the tour groups that I guide around Camden remark on the attractive heritage character of the town and urge me and others to work to protect this character, which is now rare among towns of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley.

In 2006 I was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for my work in heritage conservation in the Camden area.

I call for Camden Council, also, to continue to protect the town of Camden from insensitive overdevelopment.

 In my opinion, the current development application to redevelop the Old Camden Milk Depot is the most insensitive development I have seen proposed for the town, in my over 40 years of heritage conservation activity in Camden.  This massive proposal for several restaurants and a high car park would dwarf the existing listed heritage building.

 Any redevelopment of this site must demonstrate balance, proportion and respect for the adjacent heritage Milk Depot at the entrance to our historic down.

John Wrigley, OAM, Local Historian, Camden

Survival at stake

On behalf of the CCSM (Camden Community Silent Majority) and no doubt on behalf of all small business owners and operators in the Camden CBD, I say thank you Camden Council for voting 5 to 3 in favour of the DA to construct a decked car park in Oxley Street opposite Woolworths.

This development will go a long way to ensure the economic survival of our wonderful town centre. I now look forward to the proposed DA utilising the Old Milk Depot as part of a restaurant and function centre precinct, being similarly approved.

This building has stood unoccupied for years, is starting to look derelict thanks to the graffiti vandals and is becoming an eyesore.

Ed Wilson, Elderslie

Car park needed

Camden’s small business owners have suffered for years due to the lack of available customer parking and with new subdivisions springing up around this area, more parking is urgently needed so that Camden businesses survive.

I am glad the "DA" has been approved to build a decked car park in Oxley Street Camden. Thank you Camden Council .

David Milton, Mount Annan

No disrespect shown

I reply to Tom Crossman’s letter “Shadow over service” in the Advertiser May 11.

 A few years ago a decision was made to reposition the cenotaph to accommodate to accommodate the growing community participation on Anzac Day in Picton. 

At that point the Picton Anzac Day Committee raised the funds to build an elevated platform to house the cenotaph so that it would be more prominent and less vulnerable to accidental damage. The platform does not form part of the cenotaph and is separate to it. The position I took on Anzac Day was not on the cenotaph but on the platform which houses it. 

Absolutely no disrespect was intended or shown. After all, respect for our service veterans and their sacrifice is the sole reason the Committee put so much effort into the service.

By Mr Crossman’s own admission the comments re the activities of the Committee were made after the service was concluded, so in no way detracted from it.

Far from being ‘political’ as has been asserted, the comments informed the public of the next step in the upgrade of the park. This was necessary because a small sector had been spreading  misinformation about the committee and its activities.

Mr Crossman’s condemnation of our fund raising is hard to understand as all monies raised go towards the provision of the Anzac Day service and the upgrade of the park to a level where it is a daily reminder of sacrifices made on our behalf.

Ray Law,  Anzac Day Committee

Reader and Camden historian John Wrigley says a restaurant complex proposed for the Milk Depot site in Camden is "insensitive development".

Reader and Camden historian John Wrigley says a restaurant complex proposed for the Milk Depot site in Camden is "insensitive development".