Southern Cross Gliding Club helps 90-year-old soar over Camden

Bud Heuttig celebrates her birthdays in style.

The ninety-year old recently buckled up for high speeds and dynamic turns alongside Southern Cross Gliding Club pilot Michael Woolley for a flight over Camden.

Initially, Mrs Heuttig requested to do a tandem skydiving but son Chris Bradley and his family didn’t agree and sought an alternative similar to last year’s adventure.

‘‘She was happy to get into a fighter jet for her 80th birthday and do aerobatics,’’ he said.

‘‘So I knew my mum would be interested in gliding.’’

Mrs Heuttig said she ‘‘wasn’t the least bit nervous’’ as she strapped herself in the Schleicher ASK-21 for the ride.

‘‘It was just heavenly both figuratively and literally,’’ she said.

Her pilot Mr Woolley said she was ecstatic when they took flight and looked in her element as they flew over Camden for 25 minutes.

‘‘I tried some steep turns, then into loops and then wingovers,’’ he said.

‘‘She just loved [the experience].’’

After Mrs Heuttig returned to the surface, she was delighted to have finally taken flight in a glider.

‘‘I just like some sorts of experiences that I haven’t had before,’’ she said.

‘‘If I was going to say to anyone to go gliding, the Southern Cross Gliding Club is so dedicated, knowledgable and’s a terrific place.’’

While Mrs Heuttig has returned to her home in Nelson Bay, Mr Bradley said he will have a hard time to work out what he would organise for her next birthday.

You can find out more about the Southern Cross Gliding Club here,


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