Mayor’s performance a 'disappointment’

Mayor’s performance a ‘disappointment’

To the mayor:

I am writing to voice my absolute disappointment in your performance as the mayor of Camden and your role in the Camden Town Centre Enhancement Project.

This plan has been a very unpopular one right from the start and the community has been actively trying to engage with you, and your councillors, to look at alternative ideas to manage the issues of pedestrian safety and parking within the Camden township. 

The Camden Community Alliance may have differing views on how these issues should be addressed but all have the same desire to preserve and protect the historic and heritage ambience of Camden. 

The alliance has repeatedly asked for the council to engage with the community to look at alternative solutions to parking, pedestrian safety, paving and street furniture and yet you still refuse to listen to the people. 

Isn’t representing the community a key role in being a mayor and councillor? Haven’t you been voted into council by the people? 

It appears that this largely Liberal council is not interested in the community but rather more interested in furthering political careers.

You have not proven to be a good leader. Your tactics at meetings and refusal to engage with the community show your lack of leadership and disdain for any efforts that are not yours.

You have an opportunity to show that you do care about Camden, engage with the community and look at alternative solutions to solve the issues at hand. 

It takes a lot of character and strength to be able to say you are wrong.

A great leader would be able to see this.

I doubt that you are that person.

Wendy Shephard, Elderslie

Spend more on roads

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of ratepayer dollars on an idiotic scheme of changes to Camden’s CBD, why not spend that money on our local roads?

The word they seem to have lost is maintenance.

Our roads are a disgrace.

Potholes everywhere; the odd time the holes are repaired, they fill one and leave two ready to cause an accident.

The same applies to footpaths.

The council then pour a new concrete footpath and plant gum trees alongside which causes future damage.

What a clever council.

Geoff Clinton, Cobbitty

Manners matter

While attending a wake at the restaurant at Camden RSL Club on July 14, my 96-year-old grandmother wanted to go to the  toilet. 

There was a line-dancing class in progress.

I was told by a dancer to go all the way around to the ladies. 

Which we did, but on the way back I decided to go cross the dance floor (the line-dancers had stopped dancing) so I said ‘‘excuse me’’ as my granny on her walker made her way across the dance floor. 

I was then told off for not going the way that the dancer had asked ... because of  occupational health and safety  issues.

I explained that my granny was very tired and the dancing had stopped. 

I was abused by other dancers.

I  was going to retaliate, but I didn’t.

I complained to the duty manager of the RSL club who was very polite and helpful, and then I was abused again by another dancer. 

Having not been to the RSL club for a long time, I didn’t know the whereabouts of the disabled toilet. 

To the line-dancers: you were rude and very inconsiderate.

I just hope that when you become elderly you don’t come across someone like yourselves.

Paquita Bugden, Elderslie