Community Alliance was 'hijacked' by Labor

Community Alliance was 'hijacked' by Labor 

I have no doubt there are a number of genuine people in the newly formed Camden Community Alliance who love our beautiful town and want to preserve our heritage and rural lifestyle within the Camden township.

These people have my total support and I look forward to working with them at every opportunity to ensure good outcomes for our area.

I and it seems many other people though, believe the alliance had been hijacked for a Labor tool at the weekend's state election.

I cannot count the number of people that have brought to my attention the following:

1) The main street decision was a decision of Camden Council in November 2014 and a community meeting was organised three days before the state election.

2) The alliance was handing out from the Labor stand at the Camden Show.

3) Executive members of the alliance were handing out in alliance T-shirts on pre-poll for the Labor candidate.

4) The Labor candidate handed out on pre-poll in an Alliance T-shirt all week.

5) The Liberal mayor and councillors were mocked and ridiculed at the community meeting while the Camden Labor councillor and candidate for Campbelltown (who also was not in attendance) didn't get a mention and

6) Members of the alliance were involved in a gutter social media campaign against me imploring people to "protest vote" in the state election to send a message to council.

Many don't live in Camden; however, they "care about our town".

What disappointed me the most however was that I told the community meeting on Wednesday night that I would meet the alliance this week if elected on Saturday.

I made that offer to the alliance on Thursday morning after the community meeting and was told the executive was meeting Sunday and they would decide as to whether they would meet with me or not.

Apparently my meeting is determined by council's response. I'm not holding my breath.

As one punter said on Saturday: "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ..."

I make the offer to any one with genuine concerns about our township: please feel free to contact me at the office or on 0414 559 953 to discuss.

Camden MP Chris Patterson

Preserve town's charm

Did you read the coverage that was on the Camden-Narellan Advertiser front page on March 18 ("Planning showdown")?

Our Camden Community Alliance group is asking for further council consultation (about changes to Camden's main street).

Council upgrades will commence soon and finish for Light up Camden 2015, weather permitting.

Stage one is both sides of Argyle Street from Tails Dry cleaners to John Street.

Speak to councillors and us, we are the ones in mauve T-shirts with Stop the Chop.

Help save the charm of Camden for the older residents and the new that have moved into the many areas because of Camden's charm.

Betty Yewen, Camden

Beauty in flood land

There is beauty in antiquity

as Camden old timers know

so why not give —

the main street of Camden, a fair go?

The mighty Nepean

keeps our councillors in check

to build on the flood plains

would leave the houses a wreck.

The Liberal councillors

want to show who's boss

"Old man river, he don't say nothing,"

He just don't give a toss.

Camden's beauty is in its flood land

where all development

should, most certainly

be banned.

Ed Cupitt, Catherine Field