Great white shark fight caught on film

It barely happens and is rarely caught on film, but an Australian diver has captured the moment a great white shark attacked one of its own off the South Australian coast.

Adam Malski, 33, was fishing off the Neptune Islands, well known as a venue for great white shark tourism, when the attack occurred, moments after his crew had left some bait floating near their boat.

The footage shows a massive 4.8m great white shark, known to the locals as "Gilbert", burst from the water and attack a smaller great white shark as they both hunt the bait, 80km offshore.

Crew members are heard reacting with great excitement as they witness the shark versus shark battle.

The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and has almost 70,000 hits already today.

Mr Malski said Gilbert had survived the attack but the smaller shark had not been seen since.

While sharks do eat their own species, it's not known if Gilbert deliberately attacked the other shark.

- with David Prestipino

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