Coal seam gas outrage heats up as next stage looms

AGL is preparing a response to the more than 20 submissions lodged about its Northern Expansion project - an extension of its Camden Gas Project.

The expansion, known as Camden Gas Project Stage 3, would comprise drilling wells 700 metres below the ground at 12 locations around the Camden and Campbelltown local government areas.

In Camden, some of the 12 well surfaces would be in future residential areas like the Turner Road precinct and the former El Caballo Blanco site.

An environmental assessment report of more than 300 pages, released in October 2010, says work on the northern expansion would be completed by the time these lands were released.

The work would include preparing access roads and drill pads, and constructing gas and water gathering lines and fracking.

The most significant impact of these works was the potential to sterilise the land for future development, the report says.

However, the drilling is expected to be so far underground that "no direct land use impacts" would result.

The report says "extensive consultation" had been carried out, however among the submissions lodged were two letters of objection from Catherine Field landowners who said they weren't contacted.

"If the infrastructure is placed in the wrong location it will have a severe impact on any potential future development of our property," they wrote.

Dart West, developers of Gregory Hills, objected to the location of a gas well on adjoining land saying it would compromise land sales.

Owners of the Camden Valley Golf Resort said they were concerned about sterilisation, air quality, hazard leaks, noise and the effect on land values that would be caused by the three surface wells nearby.

Other objections were lodged by the Scenic Hills Association including a petition with more than 900 signatures, a lawyer concerned about the impact on groundwater, a school, and the Carmelite nuns. Camden Council submitted a letter of support.