Letters to the editor

Sad circumstance of mistreated calves

In reply to Charlotte Gray's letter ("Happy cows, green fields mask cruelty", Camden-Narellan Advertiser, April 16) .

I wholeheartedly support all she said.

The reason that the public don't know of the cruelty to dairy bobby calves is that the dairy industry keeps it hidden.

I have been a member of animal welfare groups for over 30 years and it is very disturbing to know what is allowed by law; and the law of allowing bobby calves to not be given any liquid food 30 hours before slaughter is one of the cruelties to farm animals that Animals Australia is trying to have changed.

I have read information from Animals Australia that the calves are also mistreated — roughly handled, kicked and hit etc at the abattoirs. I can't think of anything sadder than this.

I am so pleased you have spoken out and I hope hundreds of others will do the same for the poor mistreated animals in the food industry.

The Animals Asia website can be viewed on animalsaustralia.org.au.

Shiree Fardoulys, Mount Annan

Budget delivers

I would like to thank my colleagues councillors Theresa Fedeli, Peter Sidgreaves, Penny Fischer, Debby Dewbery and Greg Copeland for supporting the council budget to go out on exhibition for public comment (see story page 3).

It was disappointing councillors Eva Campbell and David Bligh voted against it without giving reasons, except to describe the budget as "politically motivated" and "disproportionate".

Councillor Greg Warren also voted against it but didn't even bother to speak on the item and explain his reasons why.

I am proud of delivering a balanced budget which will see one of the largest capital works programs ever undertaken by the council.

Over the next few years, six major projects totalling almost $20 million will be completed or well under way.

The Mount Annan Leisure Centre will be expanded, stage 1 of the Narellan Sports Complex will be constructed, Camden Town Centre will receive a major upgrade including a decked car park, a PCYC will be built as well as an outdoor multi-purpose youth facility in the Mount Annan/Currans Hill vicinity.

Half a million dollars will be spent on new playgrounds and footpaths and 26 new staff positions will ensure service to our residents keeps up with our growing population.

This budget delivers on our key priority of providing quality sporting and recreation facilities which the entire community can access and enjoy.

I simply can't understand why councillors Eva Campbell, David Bligh and Greg Warren voted against a budget which will see these projects delivered.

Unlike them, I am determined to get on with the job of delivering infrastructure and services to the community.

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak

Problem spotted

I would like to express our greatest appreciation to the Macarthur Ford service department in Campbelltown over the last three months.

Special thanks on their exceptional service go to the service manager Darren Berrell, who went far above and beyond the call of duty.

Thanks to his staff Jason, Andrew and all the technicians in the workshop who spent so much of their time trying to pinpoint the problem that only happened intermittently. This made it extremely difficult to solve.

And finally to their computer specialist who had to re-set the car's computer.

Thank you, Macarthur Ford service department, Campbelltown.

Larna Hardman, Thirlmere