Sack council, say residents

A GROUP of Camden residents have submitted a petition to the NSW Parliament calling for the sacking of Camden Council.

The petition, tabled by Camden MP Chris Patterson on Tuesday last week, called for the councillors to be sacked and replaced with an administrator.

"The petition of the citizens of Camden brings to the attention of the house that, with neither mandate nor legitimate reason, the newly elected mayor of Camden and the four other Liberal Party councillors (three with only two months' service) sacked the extremely competent, much admired, and long standing general manager, Mr Greg Wright," the petition said.

"The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the legislative assembly to support our call to the Minister for Local Government to sack Camden Municipal Council and appoint an administrator."

Camden Council terminated Mr Wright's contract at the November 30 council meeting last year in accordance with a mayoral minute put forward by mayor Lara Symkowiak.

The petition had only seven signatures.

A petition is required to have 10,000 signatures before it can be debated by the Parliament.

MPs are required to respond to petitions with 500 or more signatures.

Camden resident John Southwell said he signed the petition because he was "outraged" by the termination of Mr Wright's contract.

"It was a most outrageous move and it offended me," Mr Southwell said.

"I was furious about the whole thing. It was an outrageous breach of faith."

Mr Patterson said he did not agree with the petition.

"It is normal procedure for the member for that electorate to accept petitions," he said.

"I think Camden Council made an exceptional choice and they have a very, very good general manager from what I've been told."

Cr Symkowiak said she was aware the petition had been submitted to the Parliament.

"That's their prerogative to do so," Cr Symkowiak said.

"People are allowed to have their opinions."