'Dismiss the council'

Cindy Cagney Camden Council candidate
Cindy Cagney Camden Council candidate

FORMER Camden councillor Cindy Cagney (pictured) has called on Local Government Minister Don Page to sack the council and appoint an administrator after general manager Greg Wright's sudden sacking two weeks ago.

In a letter to Mr Page, Ms Cagney said Camden now had a majority of inexperienced councillors who had no idea of their role.

"(They are) being manipulated under the guise of being a Liberal team that has to vote together," she wrote.

"Of the three new councillors, of the five (Liberal councillors), they have no explanation whatsoever for the general manager's sacking, except they were told to vote a certain way."

Mrs Cagney told Mr Page if he was not prepared to "remedy the situation" he should dismiss the council and appoint an administrator.

"The previous future planning for our area will be left to the whim of a few people who have no background in managing planning and development," she said.

"Our area needs your urgent intervention."