‘Grow a pair or shut up’: Macarthur same-sex marriage campaigner’s message to Liberal MPs

Kristy (left) and Rachelle Millers with daughter Zahli and son Nixon. Picture: Simon Bennett
Kristy (left) and Rachelle Millers with daughter Zahli and son Nixon. Picture: Simon Bennett

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to ‘sort of’ address the legalisation of same-sex marriage is set to come at an enormous cost for all Australians.

One of Macarthur’s most vocal advocates of same-sex marriage, Appin Valley’s Kristy Millers, recently took to Facebook to highlight 10 things $122 million could be better spent on instead of Mr Turnbull’s non-binding, voluntary postal plebiscite.

The list included more than 1900 teachers employed on the average salary, almost 5300 age pensions, 2.75 million bulk billed GP visits, 12 times the amount currently spent on domestic violence funding, an extra $92,000 to each hospital, and funding for childhood cancer (currently 10.8 a year) for almost the next 12 years.

The postal plebiscite is expected to occur within the next few months with Mr Turnbull saying a free vote – a process several Liberal MPs unsuccessfully pushed for – would be held if the majority of respondents voted yes.

Ms Millers said the only winner from the plebiscite would be Australia Post.

“Right now I feel like my family and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community is political pawns,” she wrote on Facebook.

“We are used by unknown Liberal MPs (who) want to beat their chest about Marriage Equality and get them some media airplay.

“But then when it comes down to crossing the floor in parliament they revert back to their backwards leadership.

“Even I am sick about hearing it all of the time in the media when the result is always so disappointing.

“Grow a pair or shut up! Stop getting up the hopes of 1000’s of Australians if you don’t have the intention of following through.”

Ms Millers married her partner Rachelle in 2011 during a ceremony in Thailand – however, their nuptials have never been legally recognised in Australia.

The couple have two children – Nixon, 4, and Zahli, one-and-a-half.

Mrs Millers recently told the Advertiser she would “not bet her house” on the federal government legalising same-sex marriage by the end of the year.

A poll recently conducted by the Advertiser showed three out of every four readers believed Australia should follow the lead of the 22 other countries to legalise same-sex marriage.