Individual needs key to weight loss

WITH more than 38 per cent of Camden residents classed as overweight, Healthy Weight Week has never been more important.

Figures from the NSW Adult Population Health Survey found this percentage to be higher than both the NSW average ( 33 per cent) and the south-west Sydney average (34 per cent).

South Western Sydney Medicare Local used Healthy Weight Week recently to promote healthy lifestyles and eating.

"Australia's Healthy Weight Week is a time to assess your lifestyle and see a dietitian if you are overweight or obese, and turn your health around," South Western Sydney Medicare Local chief executive Rene Pennock said.

"We all know being overweight can contribute to a number of health problems, including back and other joint pain and fatigue, as well as increasing the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease."

Mr Pennock said the organisation ran group and individual programs to help people lose weight and get healthy.

"It is important in any weight loss attempt to focus on individuals' unique barriers and help them find the necessary support to change," he said.

More than half of Camden residents said they did enough physical activity and that they ate the recommended amount of fruit each day.

But only 7.7 per cent of the residents said they ate the recommended amount of vegetables each day.

Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Adults (18 to 64 years) recommend up to five hours of moderate intensity exercise or up to 2½ hours of vigorous intensity movement — or a combination of both — every week.

"Some exercise is better than none," Mr Pennock said, "so you are best to start out with a 10-15 minute walk two or three times a week and then gradually increase over the course of three or four weeks to 30 minutes a day."

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